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Pageant Tips from Pat Chance

Hello all my friends! Let me first begin by thanking you for reading my blog. I have been involved with so many pageants and met so many amazing judges who have shared their thoughts with me which I would now like to pass onto you. Pageant judges typically look for a combination of qualities and attributes when evaluating contestants. While the specific criteria and emphasis on each may vary depending on the pageant's rules and objectives, here are some common factors judges consider:

  • Inner Beauty : Inner beauty can refer to the qualities, traits, and characteristics that make a person attractive beyond their physical appearance. Unlike outer beauty, which is often based on external features such as facial symmetry or body shape, inner beauty is about the qualities that come from within a person. Beauty comes from within, therefore, the individual is beautiful inside and out.

  • Poise and Confidence: Judges look for a strong sense of self-assuredness, good posture, and graceful movement. Confidence in public speaking and on-stage presence is also essential.

  • Personality and Charisma: Contestants should exude charisma and have a pleasant personality. They should be able to connect with the audience and judges.

  • Talent: Many pageants include a talent competition where contestants showcase their unique skills, which can range from singing and dancing to playing musical instruments or demonstrating special abilities.

  • Intelligence: Beauty pageants often involve an interview or Q&A segment, during which contestants must answer questions articulately and demonstrate their knowledge, critical thinking, and communication skills.

  • Social Awareness and Advocacy: In recent years, many pageants have placed a greater emphasis on contestants' ability to articulate their views on social issues, engage in charity work, and advocate for specific causes.

  • Poise Under Pressure: Judges may assess how well contestants handle the pressure of the competition, including stressful situations and impromptu challenges.

  • Commitment to Community Service: Some pageants require or highly value community service and philanthropy, and judges may look for a history of involvement in such activities.

  • Photogenic Qualities: The ability to photograph well and look good on camera is crucial, as pageants often involve photoshoots and media exposure.

  • Overall Presentation: Attention to detail, style, and grooming play a significant role in the assessment of contestants' overall presentation.

It's important to note that pageants vary greatly in terms of their specific criteria and objectives. Some focus primarily on physical appearance and modeling skills, while others emphasize personal development, intelligence, and social contributions. Contestants are often evaluated on a combination of these factors, and judges' preferences may also be influenced by cultural and regional differences. Pageant organizations typically provide guidelines to judges regarding what to look for in contestants, and these guidelines can evolve over time to reflect changing societal values and expectations. I hope this helps you prepare for your next pageant. Please reach out to me if you have any more questions. I love to share knowledge and listen to your experiences. I wish you all the best!

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