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A Sunday sit down with Pat Chance

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Welcome to My First Blog!

A Sunday Sit Down - when I think of my life and where I have come from; and where I've been - to where I am now -- I truly would never have guessed it would bring me to today sitting here with you -. It is truly amazing on all counts - I have so many stories, many weakness, many struggles, many heartbreaks, many losses, health issues, but I also have had so many wins, accomplishments, achievements. gratitude, growth and so importantly - love - thought it all. I've built strength along the way too - ! I currently refuse to ever be beat down - again - that is my commitment to myself - In fact it's a pledge - "Pledge To Myself!"

In Closing

I hope you will join the pledge for yourself - "Pledge To Yourself!" Promise to yourself - not to let others control your destination or happiness. You truly do know what is best for you - grab the rings - and run with it!

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